Friday, October 2, 2009

The sad and tragic disappearance of a loved one into Altzheimers

I got a lovely card from a friend today and want to share it with you. Her experience is sadly common for many families.
Carol wrote :
You made my birthday most enjoyable. I cared for my husband for 10 years as he slowly slid into Alzheimers disease and the last two were so difficult I try not to recall them. I was up night and day but I wouldn't part with him until I almost died myself--so the last two months he was in a wonderful care center. I never have any regrets or doubts of my devotion to him and your book is so correct saying that at the end the care giver must face years of exhaustion and truly needs comforting and support from family. I found myself terribly alone and my children too absorbed in their own lives to help or care or realize how much I needed and loved them. Thank you for your loving gift. Carol

See the Chapter on Caregiving in Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process at www.lamariposapress,com

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